Surrogate Financial Director.

If your business isn’t growing how you hoped or expected, a Surrogate Financial Director could be what you need to get to the next level.

Wondering what exactly is a “Surrogate Financial Director” and why you need one? Let us explain why it’s a service so many businesses take advantage of…

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The problem is, even with a good product, service and price, companies are hitting a roadblock when it comes to selling into the larger companies. Why? Well, we often find that it’s down to the perception of the business. And having the right people onboard acting as the faces of your business can make all the difference in turning your company into the kind that larger and blue-chip organisations want to work with.

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That’s where your Surrogate Financial Director comes in – a professionally qualified accountant who will act as your Non-Executive Financial Director to bolster your Board of Directors. They can attend board meetings to help you make better informed decisions, control all aspects of financial management, and attend meetings with customers and suppliers to give them the reassurance that you mean business.

Our clients have been benefiting from our surrogacy service since 2007. In fact, our very first surrogacy client was insolvent (with negative reserves of almost half a million pounds). But by bringing us in, the company not only recovered from insolvency, but grew its net assets to £278,000 in four years and racked up an impressive client list including Argos, Currys, Dixons, PCWorld, Littlewoods and Makro and more.

We’ve plenty more success stories like this. So, if it sounds like something that your business could benefit from, let’s chat.

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