As a company, Ryans is dedicated to ensuring you obtain the best advice possible and use ‘the right tools for the job.’

As a client of Ryans we will assess your business, your skills and suggest the accounting solution that best suits your needs.

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The right tools for you

This may be a traditional cash book, an excel spreadsheet, a cloud based solution or a traditional sage product.  

Whichever solution we suggest we will explain the reasoning behind it and provide the training to ensure you record your transactions in the most efficient manner.

The Sage products and services that we supply are categorised as Accounts, Payroll, CRM and Sage Training. 

Sage 2020 is the latest version and has several different ranges in each suite to suit the requirements and complexities of your business.  

Sage Accounts:

  • Instant Accounts
  • Instant Accounts Plus
  • Sage 50 Accounts
  • Sage 50 Accounts Plus
  • Sage 50 Accounts Professional
  • Sage One – Online Cloud Solution
  • Sage Data Conversion

Sage Payroll:

  • Sage Instant Payroll
  • Sage Payroll
  • Sage Payroll Professional

Sage CRM:

  • Sage Act Professional
  • Sage Act Premium
  • Sage Training:
  • Sage Accounts – Self Study Workbooks
  • Sage Payroll – Self Study Workbooks
  • Sage Act – Self Study Workbooks
  • Sage Training Passports
  • In house one to one training, focusing on your needs delivered by a Sage accredited member of Ryans – ensuring you get the most out of the product
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Your finance at the press of a button

We believe that your financial information should be available to you at the press of a button and the value of information deteriorates with the passage of time. If you’re doing something well then let’s find out what it is and continue to do it.

If something isn’t working then let’s find out what and change it before it’s too late. We are strong advocates of training to help you to understand your business and operate it as efficiently as possible thus facilitating informed decision making.  

We will always try to suggest improvements to your accounting systems to keep your costs to a minimum.

We also have the ability to assist you via remotely controlling your PC while you’re sitting in front of it so that we can talk you through the processes step by step. 

We can recommend the most suitable product for you, so let’s talk.

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