Pension Awareness Day 2020

14 September 2020|Related :

It’s Pension Awareness Day 2020!

On 15 September of every year, Pension Geeks aim to raise awareness of the importance of saving for the future. Since 2014, they have been touring the country, offering practical help to the public and workplaces by hosting workshops and presentations. 

They also offer help with other financial matters, such as savings, loans, investing, debt and mortgages. Their aim is to improve financial wellbeing across the UK and Pension Geeks were awarded Campaign of the Week by Money Saving Expert.

“When it comes to a subject that can be as complex as pensions, all people need is a little guidance and reassurance. 

That’s why a face-to-face chat with an actual person is so valuable, and what better way to do this than on a pensions roadshow!”

Usually, Pension Geeks embark on a road trip around the country on their blue bus, however, due to the circumstances following the coronavirus crisis, they have taken the decision to make the workshops virtual. 

From Monday 14 to Friday 18 September, Pension Geeks will be hosting webinars, focusing on a range of different subjects. You can register to take part in the following webinars here.

Monday 14 September

  • Pensions in a Nutshell – 9:30am (1 hr)
  • How Much Should I Be Saving? – 12:30pm (1 hr)
  • Pension Scams – 2:30pm (1 hr)
  • Pension Basics with Aegon – 4:00pm (1 hr)

Tuesday 15 September

  • Why Do I Need a Pension? – 9:30am (1 hr)
  • How and When to Take My Pension Savings – 2:30pm (1 hr)
  • The State Pension – 4:00pm (1 hr)
  • Pensions or Pizza?! Sarah from the Pension Geeks – 6:00pm (1 hr)

Wednesday 16 September

  • Have I Got Enough Money to Retire? – 9:30am (1 hr)
  • Financial Wellbeing with Sarah & The Geeks – 11:30am (1 hr)
  • Financial Wellbeing with The Money & Pensions Service – 2:30pm (1 hr)
  • Combining Pension Pots – 4:00pm (1 hr) 

Thursday 17 September

  • Women and Pensions: Gender Pensions Gap – 9:30am (1 hr)
  • Kids Taking on the Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman – 12:00 (1 hr)
  • Why Flexible Working is Key to Closing the Gender Pensions Gap – 2:30pm (1 hr)
  • The Single Mum’s Pensions Black Hole – 4:00pm (1 hr)

Friday 18 September 

  • Aegon talks about the Pensions Gender Gap, Impacts of COVID-19 and Women Make a Comeback – 9:30am (1 hr)
  • A Pause for Pensions – 11:00am (1 hr)
  • Tax & Pensions – 1:30pm (1 hr)
  • Summary of the Week and the Key Things to Take Away – 3:00pm (1hr)

At Ryans, we also have a range of helpful articles on our blog to make the complex world of accounting a little clearer where possible.

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