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Clive Chisnall

The Architect

Towards the end of school I couldn't make my mind up whether to be an Architect, an Accountant, or a drop out. In an effort to influence me my father got an acquaintance in the accountancy profession to have a chat. He did his level best to persuade me that a bean counter's lot was not a happy one. I now know that he worked in industry which explains it.

I took this chat as an attempt at manipulation by my parents so bloody-mindedness took over and here I am. I'm sure I would have made a good architect though after having won the school prize for technical drawing.

The Bean Counter

My father graciously accepted defeat and got me a job for the summer break at his Accountants in Preston, Pomfret & Wilmoth. I enjoyed the work and even got paid. I must have done something right as they asked me to come back and play after my O' levels.

On returning I was signed into Articles and despatched to what is now the University of Central Lancashire before completing an Honours Degree in Business Studies at the Coventry University.

I then returned to Preston to complete my Articles and amongst other things gained a lot of experience with farmers which usually meant being up to my knees in effluent.

At finals time I found there was no room for a further qualified bod or indeed partner and hence my move to Edward Ryan & Co (as it then was) in 1986. This resulted in me becoming a partner in 1989 with John Dutchman-Smith and Jim Morris who retired in 2002 and 1991 respectively, and Arnold Sumner from 1996 until 2006.

Much of my time in Bolton has been spent honing the usual general practitioner skills but the impact of computers on business life has become very apparent. I have enjoyed adapting from the old ways, familiarising myself with the developments in computers and software and trying to gain enough knowledge to be able to advise and assist clients with a computer solution suitable for them.

My business knowledge and experience has allowed me take on some director and non executive director roles within businesses in the appliance repair, care home and financial services industries.

The Individual

  • Born in Preston in 1959
  • Married to Shirley in 1988
  • Two Daughters: Melanie (1991) and Gemma (1994) and son Neil (1998)


Table Tennis

I was introduced to table tennis when I started at Ryans by Jim Morris in 1986 where we played on an old table in the ladies loo!

I now play for the Riverside club in the Preston League 1st Division. That’s about the standard where you'd call it ping-pong but I can boast a pot or two and have represented Preston in county wide competitions.

My accounting skills caused me to be approached by the Preston Table Tennis Association to assist with the accounts preparation. This then lead to a committee post of Match and Registration Committee Secretary. The main task of keeping league tables and individual player averages was soon trusted to spreadsheets and from the 1999/2000 season could be viewed on the PTTA web site which I designed and created. The site has now been updated by proper I.T. folk but is still (2013) based around my original spreadsheets.


The pastime that lets you bolt expensive safety equipment into an inexpensive souped-up old car and proceed to take all the corners off. Unfortunately this activity has degenerated into an annual trip to the Tour of Mull which is equally well known for its hospitality, normally measured in drams. My claim, that my two falls whilst spectating on Mull in October 1996, which resulted in a sprained left ankle and a broken right leg, were not as the result of a several wee drams which is not universally believed.

Avoiding Board Games because they require too much skill and judgement.

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